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pure_balance_image_01Pure Balance Supplements were created by fully qualified practitioners of nutritional medicine with over 35 years experience of using supplements full time with patients and seeing their effects. These practitioners were trained in chemistry and biochemistry by teachers with degrees in chemistry at Cambridge and who had experience of teaching biochemistry to doctors at Edinburgh Medical university. This combination of high training (about 5 years)and lengthy experience (over 30 years)means the supplements are of the highest quality and the most safe and effective available.

Our products are not available on amazon or the internet. They are only available direct from us or through very carefully selected and fully qualified practitioners of nutritional medicine. This ensures safety and quality.


They do not contain anything but the active ingredient and a vegan capsule shell.

The capsules disintegrate in the stomach within 20 minutes of ingestion so that all the contents are available to be absorbed unlike tablets which often do not absorb and therefore do not work.

pure_balance_image_03All ingredients are in the chemical form that the body recognizes because this is the chemical form in which they are found in our food. This means that the body can actually use them as opposed to the cheap forms of vitamins and minerals that do not occur naturally in food and which the body cannot use. An example is all our calcium is in the form of citrate as this is how it is found in our foods. Cheap supplements use calcium carbonate which is actually cheap chalk and does not absorb or get utilized as it neutralizes stomach acid thereby stopping full digestion of the mineral and also anything else eaten at the same time.

Many other supplements use fillers to fill up the capsule because they have less active ingredient in them. Many of these fillers are either toxic such as rice flour which contains arsenic or they are an unwanted extra burden to the body. Pure balance supplements never uses any of these.

Some supplements use added ingredients such as magnesium stearate. This is used to make the filling of capsules easier for the manufacturer but it is actually scum from sinks and baths and therefore not something we think you should be paying for and consuming when you are trying to become more healthy.


Pure balance supplements are strong enough to have a therapeutic effect. This means they can actually change your health for the better rather than the placebo effect of such tiny amounts of vitamins or minerals that are in some products that do not actually contain enough of the active ingredient to effect a change.


pure_balance_image_04Due to the high levels of understanding of biochemistry we make our multi vitamin and mineral supplements in a perfect balance so that they do not interfere with other nutrients. For example in order to use calcium properly in the body, one also needs magnesium in higher levels than the calcium, as well as vitamin D, K2 and boron. We make sure our multis do this automatically so you do not have to work these things out.

Each new batch of each product is re-evaluated and if we can find any way to improve on the previous formulation we do so. This means we are unique in that our products are constantly evolving and being improved every few months.

For more information on how to use our supplements, the details of your nearest approved supplier/practitioner or if you are a practitioner who would like to apply to use them please email: purebalancesupps@gmail.com.